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Stacey Wood, PT, ATC, MTC, CEAS 


Josh Hardy PT, DPT

Stacey started Grand Junction Therapies 14 years ago.  It continues to grow with more patients being helped and spreading the word to others.  She has years of Physical Therapy experience and has advanced training in manipulation, trigger point dry needling and vestibular therapy.  She enjoys biking, skiing and hiking her free time.

Josh is a Physical Therapist with 8 years of orthopedic experience. He combines hands-on techniques with specific exercise prescription to help his patients reach their highest level of function and performance. He has advance training in manipulation, gait training and trigger point dry needling. In his spare time, Josh enjoys live music, camping, cycling and snowboarding.

Alex Akin, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist with over 8 years of experience.  He is skilled in hands-on treatment as well as therapeutic exercise, balance disorders and fall prevention.  In his spare time, Alex enjoys building and restoring furniture as well as hiking, camping and cycling with his wife and two children.  

Bobbi Riddel PT, DPT, CCI

Neal Schultz, PTA

Christi Thomas, CMT


Bobbi is a Physical Therapist with over 2 years of experience. She is trained in hands-on therapy and has extensive clinical training and experience in treating neurological disorders as well as balance and vestibular dysfunction. In her spare time she enjoys cycling, camping, climbing and spending quality time with her Corgi, Thumper.

Neal is a Physical Therapist Assistant with over 2 years of orthopedic experience. He is skilled in hands-on treatment as well as therapeutic exercise and fall prevention. In his spare time, Neal enjoys rock climbing, hiking and camping.

Christi has been with Grand Junction Therapies for 12 years. She is the office manager, insurance specialist and massage therapist. In her spare time Christi enjoys spending time with her family, hunting and scrapbooking.

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