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Grand Junction Therapies
 321 Rood Ave, Grand Junction
(970) 242-0111

Stacey Wood - Owner

Bobbi Prins

Tesa Frevert, PTA

Stacey started Grand Junction Therapies 13 years ago.  It continues to grow with more patients being helped and spreading the word to others.  

Bobbi is a physical therapist who is great at orthopedic problems but also neurological dysfunctions

Tesa is a physical therapy assistance  who coordinates the exceptional care in Collbran

Patti Eschliman, PT

Christi Thomas, CMT

Patti has been with Grand Junction Therapies for 11 years,  She provides phenomenal therapy to all patients.  

Christi has been with Grand Junction Therapies for 11 years. She is the office manager and massage therapist. 

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